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Welcome to the Kelly Clarkson Icon & Graphics Contest!

This community was created by youngwoman6703 and bouncerbutch
It is currently moderated by chicachellers

made by k_clarkson24

Our current header was made by breighan, who won 1st Place in the Header Challenge.

Layout code by angelicshadow and modified by chicachellers

1. Weekly contests will be posted by Monday of each week and participants will have until midnight EST on Saturday to enter their icons.

2. Voting will take place in screened comments, where members will be asked to vote for their top 3 icons/graphics in order of preference. Icons will be assigned point values based on the rank given by members, and after all votes are submitted, we determine the winners based on the highest totals.

3. Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places as well as Mod's Choice.

4. Icons must adhere to LJ standards: 100x100 pixels and less than 40k. If other graphic challenges are posted, size standards will also be posted at that time.

5. When posting an entry to a contest, please reply in a comment to the original contest post with both the image and the URL link to your image. You must be a member to enter a contest.

6. All comments will be screened so no one can copy your icon or see it until voting begins. Please do not post your icon(s) anywhere else until the contest is over and results have been posted. Your icon(s) will be disqualified, no matter how many votes it receives.

7. Your icon(s) should be original work created specifically for the contest.

8. Animation is NOT allowed.

9. Do not vote for yourself. Also, please DO NOT GET OTHERS TO VOTE FOR YOU! Let's be fair about this. If we see posts elsewhere where you have solicited votes or we notice fishy vote totals, you will be disqualified and possibly banned from particpating in future contests.

10. If you enter an icon in a contest you MUST vote otherwise your icons will be disqualified.

11. This is a contest community, NOT a icon sharing community. If you want to use an icon you see here, please contact us. We will give you the username of the icon maker and then you can ask permission from that person. Please DO NOT STEAL anyone's icon without obtaining permission.


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